Search Engine Market Share - February 2010

Wednesday 4th March, 2010

Search Engine Market Share - February 2010
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Sophie Laccohee
Project Manager & Social Media

As a search engine optimisation company, it is our responsibility to monitor the trends in search engine usage.  The reason for this is so that we can then tailor our SEO strategies and develop our clients websites to meet the criteria of their algorithms.

The statistics for this month have been analysed and according to Hitwise the overwhelming market leader in the UK is once again Google, with a majority share of just shy of 90% (for and .com).

Pie chart highlighting search engine market shares in February 2010

As you can see from the graph above, receives approximately 3% of search traffic and Yahoo’s combined number of searches for their global and localised (UK) search engine get approximately 5% of the traffic.  This leads to question whether the imminent merger of the Bing and Yahoo search engines will be able to compete with the domination that Google has developed over the years, but that is something to discuss in another post.

For the mean time we will continue with what we preach, that for our clients, is the website to focus our SEO campaigns towards. As a general rule of thumb, rank highly on Google and the work that got you there will pay divdends with the other “smaller” search engines.